GoodScents - Enjoy the many benefits of Theraputic Grade esssences from the Earth in GoodScents aerosol sprays..
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GoodScents is focused on providing enchanting aerosols made with premium grade Essential Oils from a variety of plants, stems, seeds, roots, bark, leaves, resin, flowers, rinds, herbs and buds. GoodScents are products used to enhance a YOGA PRACTICE, to illuminate and understand better the CHAKRA SYSTEM in the energy body...or, to simply feel good!
A YIN YOGA practice is restorative, enhances concentration and relaxation, and is a great way to prime the body for Meditation. Yin Aroma is a *specialty class which takes classic Yin Asanas and illuminates the experience with a variety of earth scents; using aerosols, roll-ons, diffusers, massage oils for neck and feet, and direct applications of Essential Oils.
With a variety of mists to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy when you experience one of Dar's special classes in Aroma Yoga, or Aroma FLOW! Dar Vander Hoop is a master teacher with 33 years of experience and study. She is available for YIN, VINYASA FLOW, YIN/FLOW, and CHAKRA WORKSHOPS using Essences from the Earth. This is her 6th year developing and refining these workshops and classes which have been extremely well received; selling out in many venues with upwards of 70 participants!
AROMA YIN was a featured workshop at BHAKTI FEST Summer 2012 and back again Summer 2013 at both Midwest and Joshua Tree...
All aerosols, foot rubs and facial elixirs, and body creams are available for purchase! You will be delighted with your scentilicious package when it arrives. Write to us and we can can arrange a workshop or weekend at your studio, which is a wonderful gift to your Yoga Community. (Check out Dar's bio and testimonials!)
Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
  ALL Artwork is also available!
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